Container Mast Type

Designed to fit inside Freight Containers.

LPG Forklift Corsair Hire.png

Capacity: 1.8t

Mast: 2.1m (Collapsed), 4.5m (Lift)

Fuel: LPG/Electric

Capacity: 2.5t

Mast: 2.1m (Collapsed), 4.5m (Lift)

Fuel: LPG/ Electric

Electric: 48V Three Phase Charger Provided

Ensure that your location has a Three Phase Outlet.

Charger included at no additional cost when hired with Electric Forklifts. Charger must return at end of the Hire.  


LPG: Bottle Provided.

1 x Full LPG Bottle Provided at a Cost of $66.00. LPG Bottle must return with Forklift at end of the Hire.

To Avoid Damage and Recovery Fees

These Forklifts are designed for flat concreted surfaces.

If used on un-even or compacted dirt/sand surfaces could result in the unit being damaged & bogged down.

Container Ramp

Forklift Container Ramp Corsair Hire.jpg

1.8m Tyne Extensions

Forklift Tyne Extensions Corsair Hire.jpg

Crane Jib

Forklift Crane Jib Corsair Hire.png

Tipper Bin

Forklift Waste Bin Corsair HIre.png

*    Displayed rates are inclusive of GST.

**   1 Week hire is based on a Monday to Friday 5 Day week. Weekly rate will be adjusted on day 4 of the Hire contract.

***  Transport not included in price. Please contact 03 9117 5941 for a transport quote.

**** Need it longer than a month? Please contact the office for a quote.