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Designed for the Rental Industry in mind, Corsair Maelstrom platform will give your staff

the power to make are more conscience decision on wither to hire that equipment out to that customer or to be more cautious and watching that asset whilst out on hire.

What is Corsair Maelstrom?

Corsair Maelstrom is a web based platform that subscribers can use to run a potential new client through the platform to get valuable information from. For example,

a new customer calls your office and speaks with a hire controller and wishes to hire a piece of machinery, your hire controllers gives a quote and is accepted and proceeds to gather the clients information, after the call the hire controller can run the information obtained through Corsair Maelstrom platform to see if there are any potential risk with this client (payment defaults with other hire company's, damaged other hire company's machinery, ect)

Corsair Maelstrom Data Systems Example